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The IMCSA Mission:


Our Mission :: To act as the certifying body for the Management Consulting and Master Coaching professions and to represent and enhance these professions in South Africa to clients, authorities and the community at large ::

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Date: 15 September, GIBS

IMCSA members get 10% discount

Buyers and funders of consulting services are increasingly aware of the need to engage reputable professionals in order to realise optimum outcomes for any project. Dealing with professional advisors is not simply about engagement but also about monitoring and performance measurement in a structured and disciplined manner.

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GIBS Future of Consulting Conference

Date: 16 September, GIBS

IMCSA members get 10% discount

Today, there’s a lot of buzz around innovation required in various industry sectors with the uncertainty, volatility, disruptive changes and competition in the business environment.

Therefore, like any other industry, consulting businesses need to innovate, grow and survive. It’s an interesting time to be in the consulting industry today. 

There is a shift from being just service providers to become partners and stakeholders in the industry’s ecosystem. 

Consultants not only need to ensure business profitability amidst the disruptions but also be positively impacting the local and global economies. There are no doubt more opportunities but they create more complexities which change the ‘game’ of consulting.

Therefore, GIBS would like to take the lead to bring together successful consultants to share and provide an engaging platform to address issues faced by consulting industry.

IMCSA Membership & Past Member Records

We have made a policy decision that we will not keep the records of unpaid members for longer than 2 years and any reapplications will be treated as a new application. This means that you need to supply all your references, updated CV and list of consulting assignments from scratch. Therefore, please ensure that you keep your contact details up to date with the IMCSA, so that we can keep you informed of the latest events in our profession. It is a good idea to provide us with your personal email address in addition to your business email.

Communicating with IMCSA members
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Welcome to our website

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our new web site! We trust you will find it to be of benefit and interest. In the About Us section we have a letter from our new president introducing our new image and member services. We have implemented a new strategy which responds to the needs of the management consultancy community. You can read more about these exciting developments in the Membership Benefits section. We trust you will enjoy our new image, services and products. If you have any questions or comments please contact us on or (011) 789 9996 or fax on 086 527 0465.


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